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Animal  photography

Karin Leuthardt

Without photography, the moment is lost forever, as if it never existed


-  Richard Avedon-

Make visible what might never have been noticed without you.

-  Robert Bresson -


Through the understanding and the connection to the dogs, I express the individual personality of the fur noses. The art of dog photography is to capture the expressiveness of their eyes, their unique features and their personality. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the unique relationship between humans and dogs and to capture the unforgettable moments with our beloved four-legged friends.

Good photography shows the soul of the being

With over 30 years of experience working with animals, especially horses and dogs, I have not only developed a deep understanding of these wonderful creatures, but also a special perspective on them. My unique perspective enables me to capture special atmospheres and to express the individual characters of the animals. The challenge of wildlife photography allows me to engage with wildlife in new ways and capture unique moments. This combination of experience, understanding and the pursuit of new photographic possibilities drives me to create impressive pictures again and again and to show the beauty and soul of animals in a special way.


Horse photography is a wonderful form of wildlife photography that makes it possible to capture the soul of animals. By understanding and connecting with the horses, I am able to express their unique personality. My many years of intensive experience with horses and my passion for photography opens up fascinating opportunities to capture the beauty and grace of these majestic animals in pictures. Through the lens of the camera we are able to capture the expressiveness of her eyes, the grace of her movements and her unmistakable presence. 


Wildlife photography is a fascinating form of photography that is all about capturing wild animals in their natural environment. It's a challenge that requires patience, expertise and a keen eye to capture unique moments. Wildlife photography enables me to document the beauty and diversity of the animal world and to show the fascinating nature of the animals.

Photo Trips

A guided trip to fascinating locations all about horses offers you the opportunity to take great horse photos. I will show you places that nobody finds easily and accompany you as an experienced horsewoman and photographer. During the journey, you will learn how to create unique horse photos that stand out for their uniqueness.

Karin Leuthardt

I'm originally from Switzerland and have been living in Conil de la Frontera, on the Coast of Light, for over 25 years. Many know me as a horsewoman and rider, have been on riding holidays with me or have already taken one or the other riding lesson with me.  My passion for photography has been with me for a very long time.  Horse photography is my greatest passion, certainly also because I've spent so many years with horses and a life without them wouldn't really life would be.