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The first contact


There is a lot to discuss before the session.

First we talk about your ideas, then what time of day suits you best, which location you would like, for example, whether forest, meadow or lake... I am happy to adapt to your wishes or suggest a suitable place . We also have to talk about the weather conditions and the helpers on any utensils.

Then we look for a suitable date and nothing stands in the way of the shooting.


The shooting day

We meet at the scheduled time at our location. It's important to me to get to know you before the shoot and so I can make friends with your darling. In an on-site interview, I'll give you some important tips and tricks for "posing" or " don't pose". Don't worry, I will slowly stage you and guide you through the shooting in a relaxed manner. Sometimes there are also breaks, because everything should be completely stress-free.

As a rule, the motion pictures are created at the end, because we don't want to have long tongues on the pictures.... 

Depending on the shooting package, we stay in the immediate vicinity, with the larger packages we can make a detour.

The agony of choice

Depending on the amount of work, about 2-3 weeks after our shooting, you will receive a link to your online gallery. From a pool of around 30-40 pictures you now have to select the ones you would like to have edited. I have already done the preparatory work, I have already sorted out pictures where, for example, the dog or you have your eyes closed or pictures with suboptimal poses or movement sequences, this makes things a lot easier for you. Because you're spoiled for choice now.  


Your dog shooting

I am pleased that you are interested in a dog shoot with me. I'm very excited to get to know you and your furry friend. Creating beautiful and high-quality pictures of and with your dog is a wonderful decision.

Together we will have an unforgettable shooting that is fun and I will capture magical moments for you...

You can find out how this all works in the further information.

The image processing

I take all my pictures in RWA, which means I own the raw diamonds that I now grind to perfection, or rather, process. I take a lot of time for the image processing, because I want to present you with a perfect and beautiful end result. 

Apart from the  contrast and colors etc.  this also includes the retouching of leashes and collars and/or disturbing objects . 

Let yourself be surprised, the result makes your face shine. And sometimes I wave my magic wand and true magic happens.....  


Your photo package

After you have given me your selection, I will get to work and after approx. 3-4 weeks (depending on the amount of work) you will receive your finished edited pictures depending on the shooting package either via link or on a USB stick  sent by post.


The shooting packages

There are 3 different packages you can choose from.  If you don't have any of the packages, I'll be happy to put together an individual offer for you. 



30 KM journey included
(after that 0.80 EURO/km)


preliminary talk

up to 2 dogs included

2 - 2.5 hours of shooting

20 images with professional retouching in highest resolution with and without 

Logo for private purposes


You will receive the pictures on a USB stick by post.



30 KM journey included
(after that 0.80 EURO/km)


preliminary talk


up to 2 dogs included

1-1.5 hours of shooting

15 Images with professional retouching in highest resolution with and without 

Logo for private purposes


You will receive the images as a digital download



30 KM journey included
(after that 0.80 euros/km)


preliminary talk


up to 2 dogs included


1 hour shoot

10 images with professional retouching  in highest resolution with and without 

Logo for private purposes


You will receive the images as a digital download



Do you particularly like a picture and would you like it as a mural in your home?

No problem, I'll be happy to help you choose the material and size.

More pictures?

Dir gefallen mehr Fotos als du in deinem Paket hast. Für 25 Euro pro Bild kannst du  gerne weitere dazu bestellen.

USB stick

Would you like to have a USB stick with your package?

You are welcome to order the stick from me for 45 euros (incl. postage and shipping).


Questions and answers about your shooting

  • What happens if it rains heavily or storms on the day of the shoot??
    If it rains, thunderstorms or storms on your shooting day, we will look for an alternative date as soon as possible. The weather can be predicted well one to two days in advance.
  • What are the optimal weather conditions for the shoot?
    For me, every type of weather has its appeal, as long as it's not storming, hailing or pouring rain. Sunsets and sunrises usually have a magical light. I avoid the blazing sun in terms of photography and a cloudy sky is actually always good. Fog and snow give great atmospheres.
  • What do I wear?
    Good question. This is very individual and we will address the topic in detail in our personal conversation. It is important that you feel comfortable with it, whether in a ball gown, sports outfit or everyday wear. What is also not an advantage are colorful patterns or different bright colors, which bring a lot of unrest to the picture.
  • Do I need a helper??
    Yes, definitely. You should be able to fully concentrate on your dog and yourself. Helpers are there to: hold your pet when you are changing, when something needs to be adjusted, when you want the pet to look attentively in a direction, or simply to be there when you need her/him.
  • How many animals are included in the package?
    You can edit the title in the FAQ tab for "Settings" in Editor. To remove the title in your app, open the Website & App” in your owner app and customize it.
  • My dog can't off the leash outside??
    Don't worry, since I post-edit each of your selected images, I can retouch the leash and often the collar as well if you wish.
  • When will I get my finished pictures??
    Normally (depending on the amount of work) you will receive the pre-selection in an online gallery after 2 weeks. After you have informed me of your selection, it takes about 4-6 weeks until you receive your edited dream pictures depending on your shooting package.

Add Ons

With the add-ons you can supplement your shooting package if you wish.


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