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look into the soul of horses

Since my childhood I have been addicted to the horse virus. I had my first horse when I was 18. My passion became my job. To this day I train horses with a lot of love and patience Iberian horses up to high school. I am a proud horse mom of a 12-year-old PRE stallion, Kuzco Sal.


Through these years of experience and my close connection to these majestic animals, I am able to create unique photos that not only capture their beauty, but also their personality and soul.

Each of my paintings is the result of deep observation and a sensitive moment in which I bring out the inner strength and unique character of each horse. My photographs are more than just images - they are a declaration of love to the fascinating world of horses and a way to share their grace and hidden emotions with others.


Pictures with you and your family are also a tribute to the deep connection between you and your friend.

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